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The Outdoor Sensory Bin

After yesterday's post, I was outside with my children and was reminded of the great sensory experience that we can enjoy each day. Even in a time of quarantine, we can still continue to go outside and be in nature. What a gift!!! Nature is truly full of wonders for everyone to explore, especially the young child. Here are a few ideas to try:

1. Take a walk. Periodically stop along your journey. What do you hear? What do you see? Can you create a savager hunt? (My oldest loves chess. We've been looking at the architecture of homes in our neighborhood to find "chess" pieces.)

2. Lay on the earth. Watch the clouds pass by. Listen to the creatures that have begun to reappear on our Montana land scape.

3. Play in the snow. Build a fort or a snow person. One of our parents was an outdoor educator. She gave me the brilliant idea of filling old yogurt containers with water. If you want you could collect natural items to put in the water. It's still getting cold enough at night to freeze the water. Once it's frozen, build, build, build.

4. Start a collection. While you are walking, search for items that have already fallen on the ground that you could bring home for a nature collection. Find a place in your home to place the items. If you have a microscope or a magnifying glass, you could add this to the space as an added point of interest.

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