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Our Location

Our historic location is charming and unique.  We boast a substantial private outdoor play space, large windows that let ample sunlight into all of our classrooms, and a 6,000 book student library.  Being so close to Downtown Helena allows our students many opportunities for exploring our neighborhood and interacting with the local businesses.  Plus Mountainside is just a few blocks from the beautiful South Hills Trail System providing our students with easy access to the natural world.


Mountainside Montessori is housed in the historic Immaculata Hall at 32 South Ewing Street in Helena, Montana.  Immaculata Hall was originally built in 1890 as St. Aloysius Select School for Boys.  In 1910 the Sisters of Charity from Leavenworth, Kansas  moved in and began schooling and housing nurses within the walls of Immaculata Hall in partnership with Carroll College.  This was the first effort to introduce coeducation at Carroll, which was an all-boys school at the time.  At some point later the nursing students were bussed to Carroll to attend their classes on campus, pictured on right circa 1950s.  Carroll College used the facility up until 1972 when it was slated to be demolished.  New owners saved it and revitalized it into the offices and school we know today, pictured on left. ​

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*Carroll College Nursing Department

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