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We are excited to help you find the right place for your child!  We love to talk to people about Mountainside Montessori.  Come join us by following the steps below.

Email Us

The first step is to contact us.  Send us an email at or fill out the Contact Us Form below.  Once we receive an email from you we will send you information about our tours and our FAQs.  Calling and leaving messages is not the most efficient way to get a hold of us.  We are in the classrooms most of the day and are unable to answer the phone or return phone calls during normal business hours.  Email is the best and most reliable way to get a hold of us.

Virtual Tour and FAQs

We truly feel that seeing is believing.  Seeing the kids and teachers in action in our beautifully prepared environments is a perfect way to understand what Montessori and Mountainside are all about.  We have put together a virtual tour video as a first step in introducing you to our school.  Along with the virtual video we send along some Frequently Asked Questions that can answer most of the questions you may have and give you an idea of tuition rates and schedule options.

Expression of Interest

Once you've looked over the Virtual Tour video and the FAQs you are welcome to fill out the Expression of Interest form that was emailed to you.  Once Mountainside receives the form back we place your child in our waiting pool.

Waiting Pool

After viewing the virtual tour of Mountainside Montessori and filling out an Expression of Interest form your child will be placed in our waiting pool.  We maintain a separate waiting pool for each of our programs: Toddler and Early Childhood.  Each March or April Mountainside Montessori will enroll new students in order to fill any vacant spots.  

In Person Tour

If we have an opening and the age of your child and your desired schedule meets the needs we are seeking we will invite you and your child for an in-person tour of our school.  We ask that your child join you on this tour so they can get a sense of what our school is like and you can see your child interacting with the environment.  

Offer of Placement

Placement offerings will be made in March or April of each year to new students.  Once you have accepted placement at Mountainside Montessori you will be given enrollment paperwork.  Once you turn in your enrollment paperwork along with a $75, one-time registration fee per family, you will be considered enrolled at Mountainside.

Contact Us

Send us an email or give us a call to visit about your child, which programs you are interested in, and to schedule a tour. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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