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Mountainside Montessori's History

In Montessori, we honor and thank those who have come before us.  We learn about and thank those that developed number systems and algorithms that help us solve problems. We honor and thank those that helped us to have the language we have today.  So it is only fitting that we honor and thank those that have made Mountainside Montessori possible. 


Mountainside Montessori was once called Children's World Montessori and was owned by several people over the years.  It began educating young people in a location on McHugh Street.  When Nadia Zylawy owned Children's World Montessori she moved the school from the McHugh Street location to the current location in Immaculata Hall on Ewing Street.  Nadia sold Children's World Montessori to Erin and Mat Lanigan in 2013 and the school was renamed, Mountainside Montessori.  In 2018, the Lanigans sold the school to Joslyn and Jim Carney and Annie and Steve Tague.   

Throughout the long life of the school, the beautiful Montessori materials have continued to provide children with hands-on, independent learning that is a cornerstone of the Montessori philosophy.   Many of the same teachers that were part of the school's early days continue to be a part of the school to this day!  The families that choose Mountainside for their first children, continue to bring their younger children back to our community for their early learning years.  These same families share their Mountainside experience with other Helena families helping the Mountainside Montessori learning community continue to thrive and grow!

We are so thankful for those who first founded this beautiful school, to those that carried it on over the years after, and to those that help us make it the peaceful, loving, learning community it is today!

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Mountainside Montessori - 32 South Ewing, Suite 122 - Helena, Montana - 406.449.3726
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