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Early Readers

Many of our friends at Mountainside are beginning to read books or are already book readers. I have recently had a few families inquire about appropriate leveled readers. The following books, known as "The Bob Books," are a great beginning reader. They begin with short vowels isolated and gradually introduce useful words as the books sets advance. The books also progress to include long vowels and more complicated sentence structures.

At school, we usually read each book with the children about five times. The repeated read increases both fluency and confidence. After most reads, we also invite the children to write individual words, sentences or draw a picture related to the story. If you are interested adding a writing component, it would be helpful to have a designated notebook to practice their writing.

The following link is the first set in a series of many books. If you want additional guidance on appropriate levels for your child, I'm happy to help. Happy reading.

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