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Let's be Scientists

At Mountainside, when we are completing works related to science we identify the children as scientists. They have amazingly inquisitive minds that are constantly asking questions, testing their hypothesis and observing our magical world. To all my little scientists out there, enjoy this experiment.

Supplies: tray, icicles, salt and food coloring (if you're games parents)

Head outside today and search for icicles that have fallen from the roof. Gather the icicles on a tray that can collect melting water. Bring the supplies inside. Place a small amount of salt into a small bowl. Prepare materials for each child participating: tray, salt and spoon. Once the experiment is set. Ask the children: What they think will happen? Why? You could talk about the word hypothesis and explain that they are making a guess as to what reaction will happen between the salt and the water. Allow them to experiment with just the salt (one variable). For an added point of interest, you can add the food coloring later in the experiment. Enjoy the exploration of the scientists!

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