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Practical Life

One of the four areas of study in the Montessori Early Childhood classroom is our practical life work. We have lessons that range from banana slicing, to floor sweeping, to water pouring, to table washing. Maria Montessori observed the child and noticed that the young child truly wants to model what the adults are doing in their environments. The more we can prepare our environment to allow them to be apart of our work, the more they then become engaged in our classroom or right now our home.

As I've been at home, part of our days are spent cleaning and organizing. Admittedly, my oldest child thinks I'm too tidy. That aside, children love the work of helping as a part of their learning process. Today we were outside caring for our yard, I thought what lesson could be engaging outside. I got two buckets of water, one with soap and one with water, and a sponge. I modeled how to clean their toy car. They then proceeded to spend an hour scrubbing this car. Do you have bikes, swings, or chairs to clean? Give them the tools and allow them to explore the materials! Hopefully you too will enjoy a little extra moment of stillness.

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